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The internet of money
Has Arrived

Society is at the dawn of a multigenerational disruption, led by cryptocurrencies. We're living through the convergence of technology, currency, and psychology. Working together, these three forces are forming a new way of organizing and transacting society. This convergence is built upon decentralized blockchain technologies, which are perhaps one of the greatest innovations in modern history. Many compare where we're with cryptocurrencies in 2017 to where the Internet was in 1995.

Your Opportunity

Through education, consulting and investment, One Hill Ventures helps businesses, startups and investors and drive reciprocal value and growth.
Despite great appreciation over the past couple of years, cryptocurrencies still have a market cap that represents a small fraction of the overall opportunity ahead. As the market matures and investors realize the potential of blockchain technologies, great opportunities lie ahead.

The market opportunity is driving behaviors across businesses, startups and investors, looking to either reap the efficiencies of the blockchain or to derive exponential returns.

As the market grows, so does the confusion on how best to leverage opportunities. We aim to bring direction and investment to those looking to bring their interests into the space.

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